General Information

Updated on 14th March 2012 at 2:06 pm


Patients with Particular needs

The Resource Centre is accessible to the disabled via the main entrance.  An automatic door entry system has made it much easier for everyone but especially for wheelchaire users and mums and dads with prams and buggies.

Interpreting Service

We can arrange an interpreter for patients who do not speak English.  Please let us know if you need this service when booking an appointment.

Car Parking

Public car parking is available.

Health Services for Military Veterans – Priority Treatment

We are now asked to record if a patient has served in the armed forces in their medical record. If you are a veteran please let us know and we will add this to your record.

Do you look after someone who is ill, frail, disabled or mentally ill?

We are interested in identifying carers, especially those people who may be caring without help or support.  We know that some carers are often looking after a family member or helping a fried or neighbout with day to day tasks.  Caring for someone is an important role which is often a 24 hour job.

All carers are entitled to have their needs assessed by Adult Care Services and there is no charge for an assessment.  If you need more information you can call Social Services on (0191) 200 6050.

If you are a carer could you please inform reception.

Test Results

Patients are responsible for contacting the surgery to find out the results of investigations such as blood tests, urine tests, x/rays and ECGs.  Receptionists can only discuss your result once the doctor has authorised them to do so.

Have you heard about NHS Health Checks?

Everyone is at risk of devleoping heart disease, stroke, diabetes or kidney disease and the good news iks that these conditions can be prevented.  We are currently offering Health checks to people between the ages of 40 and 74 who do not have any of these conditions.

The health check will take place every 5 years and will help identify potential risks as early as possible.  If you are invited, we would encourage you to make an appointment.

Do you need some extra help? NHS Help Card

NHS North East have introduced a new card which is intended to help and support you when you are visiting your NHS hospital, doctor, dentist, optician or pharmacist.  The idea behind the care is that you carry it with you to show that you need ‘some extra help’ – e.g.

  • if you are not able to walk far
  • if you are confused, lost or don’t know where to go
  • if you find it difficult to speak or to hear
  • if you have another problem which makes it difficult to communicate

We have a supply of cards at the surgery and the idea is that you write on the card what you need a little extra help with and carry it with you when you use NHS services.



Did you know that pharmacists are highly qualified health professionals?

The are experts in the use of medicines and are qualified to diagnose and treat many minor health conditions.  The pharmacists can often see you more quickly and by speaking to the pharmacist you could be making sure that your GP is available for more serious health concerns.  The Think Pharmacy First scheme is available to adults who are entitled to free prescripotions on the gorunds of low income.  People over 60 are also entitled to use the scheme as are people aged 16-18 in full time education.

All community pharmacies in North Tyneside are taking part in the scheme.  You can go to any pharmacy that shows a Think Pharmacy First Window Sticker.


  • If you change your address as this will help us to keep your records up to date.  If you are under the care of a hospital, please let them know your new address
  • If you change your telephone number
  • If you are the carer of someone as we might be able to help you get advice or assisstance
  • If you are unable to keep an appointment, so that it can be used by someone who needs to be seen that day.


We aim to treat our patients courteously at all times and expect our patients to treat our staff in a similarly respectful way.  We have a zero tolerance approach and take any threatening, abusive or violent behaviour against our staff or patients very seriously.  If a patient is voilent or abusive we may exercise our right to take action to have them removed from our list of patients, immediately if necessary.  If this becomes necessary you would be informed by letter, your records noted and the local Primary Care Trust will then be responsible for providing further care.