Mental Health resources for young people and parents

Updated on 12th August 2019 at 9:32 am


Resources for Young people and parents
Mental Health & General
NTW self help – local mental health trust lots of useful booklets to work through.

Childline – Lots of information about mental health, bullying, relationships, body, etc.

The Mix – Lots of information for under 25s and a phone, online chat or texting support service. They have pages on mental health, housing, work, sex and relationships, drinks and drugs, crime and safety. They also run the app StressHeads

NHS Moodzone -Lots of information and practical advice and audio guides for self-care

Young Minds- Lots of pages on issues that can affect young people and mental health, including bullying, exam stress, eating problems, anger, bereavement, sleep and self-harm
Also has section for parents

Kooth – Online support for young people- can talk to counsellors, access information pages, write in a daily journal.

Exam stress
BBC Bitesize
Info under support pages about strategies to stay motivated and revision tips, as well as other pages on mental health awareness and relationships

Stressheads- App to help control and manage stress, developed by The Mix website
Calmharm- An App to help cope with feelings of self-harm, developed by the Teenage mental health charity stem4, by a clinical psychologist.
Catch it- NHS approved App to learn how to manage feelings like anxiety and depression by teaching you how to look at problems in a different way.
Headspace – Mindfullness app that can help with anxiety, stress, sleep problems
Calm – Has children’s area for sleep stories
More NHS approved apps at

Blame my Brain by Nicola Morgan
Chimp Paradox by Steven Peters (Aimed at adults but child friendly version “the hidden chimp”)

School nurse texting service – 07507332532
Text service for young people aged 11-19 at a North Tyneside School
Crisis Team
If you feel hopeless or desperate to the point you or others are worried you may harm yourself the Crisis Team are available 24/7 on 0191 219 4646